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YoriYoi University

Jrock school for Jrockers

Yoriyoi University
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If you'd like to take over the community and bring some new life into it then please send a message or comment to sianface. Thank you.

           K   o   n   n   i   c   h   i   w   a
    Welcome, you have reached Yoriyoi University; the jrock school for jrockers! Yoriyoi University is an AU Roleplay community where you can RP as your favorite JRocker. You can be either a student or a teacher, and dorm rooms will be assigned. All JRockers from all bands are welcomed. From X-Japan, to Psycho le Cemu, to Dir en grey. Dead JRockers are welcome, too.

Claim List Student Database Timetable Staff

            H   o   w   w   e   w   o   r   k
    It is a mixture of journal and IM roleplaying. All types of roleplay are welcome. Once you have become a full member you will be granted posting access to the community so you can post logs in the community. This means that you write a piece of prose or a script containing your character and another for everyone to read. We understand that not everyone is brilliant at writing in prose so we allow you to use MSN conversations as logs so you can still get involved. Some logs are a mixture of both prose and script. Students are required to post one log a month & teachers are required to post one log and one lesson a month.

Prose | Prose & script (FL) | Script

            Y   o   u   r   l   i   m   i   t   s
    Like all communities, we have rules. Please follow these, you will only be warned once. If you continue, you'll have to say good-bye.

ΣΩΧ You need a character specific journal and MSN address. If you want to use your own MSN address then fine but try not to get confused...
ΣΩΧ Respect all members and faculty members. Any flamers, trollers or spammers will be dealt with accordingly.
ΣΩΧ Yaoi and yuri are welcome.
ΣΩΧ You are only allowed 3 muses. If you have more right, you can have up to 5. If you're really wanting to have more than 3+ muses, you'll have to prove to us that you can handle it. Please note that we do log IP addresses so no 'I'm another person' business.
ΣΩΧ Try to stay in character the best you can. We don't want an oshare Mana or something.
ΣΩΧ You must add all other members to both your friends list and your MSN contacts.
ΣΩΧ No changing dorm buddies once they are decided. If you have a problem with your roommate get in touch with one of the faculty staff.
ΣΩΧ Please try to stay active both through livejournal and MSN roleplaying. If you don't post in a month you will be given a nudge. If you know that you are going to be inactive for whatever reason, please let us know. We're reasonable and understand that you have a life outside of roleplaying.
ΣΩΧ Try not to get too clicky. When a new student/teacher arrives, try to find time to welcome and greet them.
ΣΩΧ There must be at least one log a month featuring your character. There's no real excuse for this not to happen because we allow people to copy and paste MSN conversations.
ΣΩΧ is no touring unless you are a major band. All other bands are garage bands that play gigs. If you'd like to play a concert, please hold one in Aka to Kuro.
ΣΩΧ RAPE has been banned due to many reasons. SUICIDE attepts are also in the view for banning.
ΣΩΧ For more intimate rules, please see Newsletter #8 and Drama Rules down below.
ΣΩΧ Have Fun!

            H   o   w   t   o   a   p   p   l   y
ΣΩΧ Name of j-rocker:
ΣΩΧ Band (where applicable):
ΣΩΧ Character journal name:
ΣΩΧ MSN address:
ΣΩΧ Student/Professor:
ΣΩΧ Major:
ΣΩΧ Dorm/House (dorm recommended):

Once you have been accepted please JOIN, add all other members to your friends list, MSN contacts and have fun! DO NOT join before you get accepted! We'll let you know when you are.


            M   a   i   n   b   o   a   r   d

Under New Management
Newsletter #9 & 1/2
Newsletter #8

Under Old Management
Newsletter #7
Newsletter #6
Drama Rules
Newsletter #5
Newsletter #4
Newsletter #3
Newsletter #2
Newsletter #1

            C   r   e   d   i   t   s

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