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Okay babies Kii ish back. But I'm not picking up my muses from hiatus; instead I'm dropping them. I know that a lot of my muses are in steady and nice relationships and I feel bad for hurting other muses by dropping them but I had to. I couldn't not to notice that this community is dying again. I've been here since the beginning and I saw all its ups and downs and because of that it's even harder for me to drop my muses. But to tell you the truth I got bored of rp-ing here.

To all the muns I rp-ed with: You girls/guys totally fucking rule! It was a great experience rp-ing with you all and I'm going to miss you guys. If you want to stay in touch this is my personal lj -> kiikaa and also I won't delete my msn so feel free to talk to me anytime you want to.

So I'm dropping these muses:

Iori [specialxxneeds]
Tero [xterox]
Die [unleashxhell]
Denu [denu]
Urara [xurarax]
Reina [winterxsouls]
Daisuke [charismavocal]

Please remove them from your flist. Thank you.

Have fun everyone!

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Okay dears~ kii is going on a trip to other part of Croatia and becasue of that I'll put my muses on hiatus. I'll probably come back in week or sooner. I still don't know how long we're going to stay on the party and if we're going somewhere else later but~

Die - He's staying with Kao <3 I know that Cass will take good care of them <3333
Iori - *throws him at Clo* there! XD;
Tero - He's going to stay with little Aoi <3 You two have fun and Tero; please don't make a disaster of Aoi's room ._.;
Denu - *throws him at Yoko* enjoy you two 8D;;;
Urara - he's going with me I guess xD;;;;
Reina - staying with Shou so he can enjoy in Shou's voice XDDD;;;; <3333
Daisuke - I'm forcing him to go with me *nods*

yeah~ all my muses are on hiatus until I come back <3

take care everyone!

kiikaa~ <3 <3
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okay babies~ I'm dropping Shinya 2! yush! and there is a damn good reason for it! yeah there is... uhm.. so kii ish picking up daisuke~ for all you who remember first daisuke; I played him <3 I'm sure first people who joined here remember him <3 and since I missed him so much I decided to claim him again! isn't that exciting? *DIES* XDD okay enough of rambling. dropping shiyna 2, claiming daisuke <3 have a nice day everyone 8D

kiikaa~ <3


I was so happy to find out that I was accepted to Yori Yoi Uni. I can't wait to meet all the students and teachers! Ja ne.
<3 Teruki san
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OOC: Drop

Hey everyone.

Well, I've decided that I'm going to be dropping 5 of my 6 muses

I'm dropping Makoto, Keiyuu, Shiina Mio, Junno, & Toda
Makoto - Moved back to Nara.
Keiyuu - Went to Rehab.
Shiina Mio - Moved back with his friends.
Junno - Moved to another college.
Toda - Moved back with... his parents. o-o;
If you'd like to say bye, don't be shy to im me. ^-^

This place seems like it's dying again because school is starting. I don't have logs for the month and I always have logs T-T Plus I to have to get in gear with college and finding myself a job. I also am busy with websites. @-@;;

Since I'm pretty much leaving, I need people to take care of the things I ran. If you're interested and think you can KEEP UP with it, please let me know:

~Claim List
~Friend concole

Also make sure you get rid of the following on your friend's list since I'm planning on giving my accounts away to someone who wants them or they'll be deleted:

makodore, keiyukiwi, oshare_mania, beau_baby, & computa_creata

I won't be using MSN much anymore but you're welcome to email me. ♥ If you'd like to do a random rp with me, I'll always be up for it. ♥
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Characters: Bou and Tenten
Rating: eee... PG-13?
Summary: Bou and Tenten are walking around and randomly meet.
Format: Script/ story... because script kills brains when you feel unlazy XD
Comments: This log is from a while ago. I was supposed to post it a while back, but I ADDed on it. Like whoa... so umm yeah... ooops XD

Tenten: Have you been saved my friend!?
Bou: Saved from what ...>_>...
Tenten: ... thats a good question... Didn't think that far.
Bou: Is there anything I should be afraid of? ;___;
Tenten: Probably.
Bou: Like what? ...>>...
Tenten: ...
Bou: Will you save me? ;___; ... Wait, Who are you?
Tenten: Tenten. Are you a princess? -snickers-
Bou: I'm... Bou ... *blinks*
Tenten: I was kidding.
Bou: ...>_>.. You fail.
Tenten: Duh. Why else would I have to go back to school? You fail too.
Bou: Well, you fail more than I do! *sticks out his tongue*
Tenten: -shakes head- Pocho's tongue is sexier.
Bou: Pocho? ...>_>..... You are weird.
Tenten: -laughs looking down at the plush tomato haning off his belt- Your face kinda reminds me of this tomato.
Bou: Well, your face reminds me of a rat ...>_>...

ZOMG Story formatXDCollapse )
All of me



I'm going to be moving into college tomorrow morning. This week is Family Week or whatever [it's corny, but it's all good], so my muses [Yoko and Tomoko] as well as Hana's muses [Kayu, You and Bonnie] will be on hiatus [Hana's part of my 'family', so to speak, so Dad thought it'd be fun to bring her].

Since my Mac laptop refuses to let me install MSN/trillian, you'll have to contact us by AIM if you need us.
me: 'i am not a neko'
Hana's: 'hana neko chan'

Yes. There is a neko theme, but it's an inside joke between us so it's all good.

I will have internet there. Hopefully the library will have windows/MSN/trillian installed, or if worse comes to worse then I'll just use e-buddy in there [something else that wont load up on my Mac. The horror!]. So don't think that 'Big Brother' isn't watching you guys. xD

Anne, Dana and Mari, since I trust you guys, would you please help out Izzy every once in a while when she needs it?

I love you all. <333
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AP classes hate my brain and suck up my time D:
So, as much as I don't want to do it.. I'm going to have to drop lots random muses in lots of random places. *picked them out of a hat*

So yeah, Hiko happens to be an unlucky one. School sucks. Also, as kind of a random note... expect me to be online less... Hooray homework!

Luff~ Nadi/Executive/Mousse/Gimonfu/All other names people call me XD;;;