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Yoriyoi University

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dropping muses [Aug 27th, 06 ☆ 3:16pm]

Okay babies Kii ish back. But I'm not picking up my muses from hiatus; instead I'm dropping them. I know that a lot of my muses are in steady and nice relationships and I feel bad for hurting other muses by dropping them but I had to. I couldn't not to notice that this community is dying again. I've been here since the beginning and I saw all its ups and downs and because of that it's even harder for me to drop my muses. But to tell you the truth I got bored of rp-ing here.

To all the muns I rp-ed with: You girls/guys totally fucking rule! It was a great experience rp-ing with you all and I'm going to miss you guys. If you want to stay in touch this is my personal lj -> kiikaa and also I won't delete my msn so feel free to talk to me anytime you want to.

So I'm dropping these muses:

Iori [specialxxneeds]
Tero [xterox]
Die [unleashxhell]
Denu [denu]
Urara [xurarax]
Reina [winterxsouls]
Daisuke [charismavocal]

Please remove them from your flist. Thank you.

Have fun everyone!

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[Aug 23rd, 06 ☆ 12:00am]

Okay dears~ kii is going on a trip to other part of Croatia and becasue of that I'll put my muses on hiatus. I'll probably come back in week or sooner. I still don't know how long we're going to stay on the party and if we're going somewhere else later but~

Die - He's staying with Kao <3 I know that Cass will take good care of them <3333
Iori - *throws him at Clo* there! XD;
Tero - He's going to stay with little Aoi <3 You two have fun and Tero; please don't make a disaster of Aoi's room ._.;
Denu - *throws him at Yoko* enjoy you two 8D;;;
Urara - he's going with me I guess xD;;;;
Reina - staying with Shou so he can enjoy in Shou's voice XDDD;;;; <3333
Daisuke - I'm forcing him to go with me *nods*

yeah~ all my muses are on hiatus until I come back <3

take care everyone!

kiikaa~ <3 <3
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[Aug 21st, 06 ☆ 12:25am]

okay babies~ I'm dropping Shinya 2! yush! and there is a damn good reason for it! yeah there is... uhm.. so kii ish picking up daisuke~ for all you who remember first daisuke; I played him <3 I'm sure first people who joined here remember him <3 and since I missed him so much I decided to claim him again! isn't that exciting? *DIES* XDD okay enough of rambling. dropping shiyna 2, claiming daisuke <3 have a nice day everyone 8D

kiikaa~ <3
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[Aug 20th, 06 ☆ 2:33am]

characters :: Aoi (2) and Tero
rating :: uhm...PG-13? I don't know x.x;
summary :: After spending some time with his annoying mother Tero finally finds a time to visit Aoi.

you know... eh... date? Collapse )
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YATTA [Aug 19th, 06 ☆ 3:41pm]

[ mood | cheerful ]

I was so happy to find out that I was accepted to Yori Yoi Uni. I can't wait to meet all the students and teachers! Ja ne.
<3 Teruki san

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