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Okay dears~ kii is going on a trip to other part of Croatia and becasue of that I'll put my muses on hiatus. I'll probably come back in week or sooner. I still don't know how long we're going to stay on the party and if we're going somewhere else later but~

Die - He's staying with Kao <3 I know that Cass will take good care of them <3333
Iori - *throws him at Clo* there! XD;
Tero - He's going to stay with little Aoi <3 You two have fun and Tero; please don't make a disaster of Aoi's room ._.;
Denu - *throws him at Yoko* enjoy you two 8D;;;
Urara - he's going with me I guess xD;;;;
Reina - staying with Shou so he can enjoy in Shou's voice XDDD;;;; <3333
Daisuke - I'm forcing him to go with me *nods*

yeah~ all my muses are on hiatus until I come back <3

take care everyone!

kiikaa~ <3 <3
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