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characters :: Aoi (2) and Tero
rating :: uhm...PG-13? I don't know x.x;
summary :: After spending some time with his annoying mother Tero finally finds a time to visit Aoi.

After spending way too much time for his liking with mother, Tero sighed happily as he sat down on his bed, running hand through his hair. Damn, that woman was really annoying. No words could express how happy he was now that she left. But unfortunately since mother was all the time around him he couldn't even escape for a second to Aoi's place. Gods, how he missed him. And it didn't even help the fact that he was thinking and daydreaming about the other boy all the time; and that caused his mother to be even more suspicious about what is going on with her son. Deciding that he shouldn't think about her more and just forget about everything that happened Tero finally got up from his bed. Picking up a rather large bag that was on the table and he walked out from his dorm and to Aoi's. Once he arrived he pressed his head against the door and lightly knocked against the door. Be here...

Aoi stood up, who could be? The first person he thought was Ryouhei their last meeting wasn't all nice. We walked slowly to the door feeling hesitant to answer that "Ryouhei is that you?" even feeling that hesitant his voice sounded totally normal, maybe a singer skill he had. He would just open the door after knowing who was there, he needed a preparation if it was who he was thinking it was.

Hearing the other ones voice and his words Tero stepped back, gulping hard. Maybe Aoi returned to Ryouhei after all? Sighing softly he looked down at the floor and it was about to just turn around and walk away but something stopped him. He was never a quitter. If he had to he's going to fight for Aoi's love. "It's Tero." He answered in slightly nervous voice, not knowing if the other will be glad or not to see him. Shit, his mom really fucked up things.

He couldn't believe when he heared the other ones voice, he was missing him so much, having to deal with all his problems alone wasn't really funny for him. He runned to open the door giving to the other the most bright smile he could "I'm so happy it's you!!" he felt the urge to go and hug him really tightly but shyness stopped him, he was just there, looking him with those silly sparkling eyes.

Okay after seeing that light in Aoi's eyes Tero felt like he shouldn't worry about anything anymore. Quickly he walked over to the other, dropping the bag beside him as he hugged him the tightest he could and kissed his lips, just getting lost in them. Gods how badly he missed him. It was like he was addicted to Aoi. "I missed you..." He said softly after he broke a kiss, rubbing their noses lightly together.

"I was missing you too Tero... so badly" he said softly almost with a childish voice hugging the other really tightly like he was needing his protection for his problems, being so close of him again made him relax of everything that was happening. He kissed his lips once again, really fast not being able to hide a silly smile.

Tero laughed softly at Aoi's behavior and he picked up the other man in his arms before he leaned down to pick up a bag. Carefully he entered the dorm with Aoi in his arms and walked over to Aoi's room, placing him down on the bed and laying beside him as he pulled out a big plush bear out of the bag and grinned as he turned bear to "face" Aoi and he started making silly motions with it, making like bear was really moving. "What is it Aoi-chan? Can Tero or I do something to make you feel better?" He talked in really silly voice; making like bear was walking over to Aoi and hugging him.

He giggled "Oh dear Bear-chan" he hugged the bear happily "You already did what you needed to make me feel better just hugging me, a bear hug!" and he looked at the other smiling widely "And Tero also did what he needed, just his presence already made me feel really better" he nodded poking the bear's nose.

Tero laughed softly as he got closer to Aoi and wrapped one arm him, other reaching to remove a strand of hair that felt on Aoi's face, stroking his hair lovingly. "I'm sorry. Next time when my mom comes to the town I'll hide in your room all the time. You wouldn't mind that ne?"

Aoi laughed "Of course i wouldn't" he rested his head on him closing the eyes smiling peacefully "Actually I think you should move to my room. But I'd organize all your stuff" he giggled silently.

Tero smiled softly once Aoi closed his eyes and he placed a small but gentle kiss on the top of Aoi's head, now wrapping both arms around the other. "Hmmm... really? I wouldn't mind. But are you sure that you want to have your room like a bomb fell into it?"

He frowned "I won't let it look like a bomb fell into it" and shook his tongue out playfully "You'll need to be too disorganized to win my cleaning and organizing addiction, ok?"

"aaah~ we'll see about that! I don't even have an intention to make that mess. It just... happens?" he laughed, kissing Aoi's lips softly this time as he continued to holding him close. "So what were you doing these days while I was gone?"

He opened the eyes slowly, faking his voice was easy but not his expressions, so the smile was gone "Well, fine?" Aoi snuggled on him trying not to show how was his face.

"Hey hey... I know that voice and I certainly know that look." He sighed softly, holding Aoi tighter and kissing his hair. "Did something happen with Ryouhei again?"

"Well, I said to him that I was liking you and than he started to feel bad and stuff... But what could I do? When I used to really love him he was screwing with every single man he saw, that pissed me off" he pouted snuggling again, that wasn't really the subject that he was wanting to talk with him

"It's his fault. I would never cheat on someone wonderful as you." Tero smiled softly and wrapped his arms around Aoi, laying down on his back as he pulled Aoi to lay on top of him.

Aoi looked away for a moment "I don't know, I don't feel like I'm that wonderful at all" he giggled a bit embarrassed resting his head on him closing eyes.

"But you are wonderful to me." Tero smiled and kissed top or Aoi's head, rubbing his back lightly. "You know... I don't consider myself gay or anything and you know that. But what's between us... I consider this like something special between two people and I would be more than happy if we could... you know... eh... date? I mean if you want to." he said everything kinda clumsily and fast, rubbing back of his neck. "I mean... I never before felt this kind of thing for any girl or guy but; it's different when I'm with you."

Aoi looked him with eyes widen like he didn't process all the words did he really said, date me or probably he got that wrong. He blinked trying not to show all his euphoria. "Well... Tero" he cleaned his throat before saying anything "I'd... really... love to" he said stammering "You know how much I like you, ne?" he looked away more from timidity than anything else feeling his face burning.

"I bet I like you even more." Tero grinned at that and hugged Aoi even tighter, kissing him happily, not breaking the kiss until he really had to since they were both about to stay without breath. "You don't have any idea how happy this made me." He confessed, his eyes showing nothing but the happiness.

Aoi giggled with sparkling eyes "Liar, that made me happier than you" he hugged him as tightly as the other did kissing his face gently "I mean it, you don't really know how happy i am with that" he kissed his cheek once more.

Tero laughed softly, kissing Aoi's nose lightly this time. "I'm glad that you're happy. Because I want you to be happy forever." He talked softly, almost like a whisper as he closed his eyes and held Aoi close to him.

"I want you to be super happy!" he said that in a silly way snuggling on him pressing his lips on his cheek really slowly.

"I am super happy already!" Tero laughed and stroked Aoi's hair in the gentlest way, just staring down at the other man. If someone told him before he came to this uni that he's going to fall for a man, Tero would call that person crazy. Sure, he used to make out with his friends but that was only when they were dead drunk and didn't have any idea what are they doing. But this was different. Very different. He could sense that his feelings for Aoi were strong and deep, and to tell the truth; he actually liked that. He loved talking to the other man, kissing him, spending time with him and just holding him in his embrace. But most of all he loved his eyes and his smile. There was something deep in them, something that attracted Tero to Aoi the first time he saw him. He wanted to deny his feelings at first but that only ended up with him being miserable about everything that was going around him and spending daydreaming about the other. But once he accepted his feelings for the other man, his happiness only grew. He couldn't deny it anymore; his feelings for Aoi were deeper than just liking.

He smiled widely "That's good Tero, because I'm super happy too!" staring him back like just to see him he was able to feel a inner happiness on his heart, his heart... It was totally filled with love like it never was. When he said that actually he was straight made him feel butterflies on his stomach, he wasn't a confident guy and that didn't help anything. But he fought anyway because he was sure that this was really different, not just different but really special, and he couldn't not run after that.
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