August 31st, 2006



Is it just me or does it seem that when I'm gone for a couple weeks everyone dies? Aha! Well, it's sad to see all my close friends in the community leave and I'd rather not put my muse through that /again/ (bitches but I love you), I've decided to drop Toshiya. Holy shit, he's dropped! All your lives are over, don't even lie.

BUT. I still would like to keep in touch with Kiikaa, Anne, my Honeypie (you know who you are, schnookums), and Kyo-mun if she ever effin gets on again (because I love you!) And anybody else who wants to pop up and say hi feel free to contact me via AIM at SaikouHoraa. I love you guys, and it's sad that I won't be here for the community's year anniversary on October.

Don't forget that it was Kyo-Mun and I who started this shit! Lots of love and kisses for you all. < 3333