December 27th, 2005


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and jsut when we thought the drama was over ^^

a small background story: Gisho and Közi had met up for drinks as Közi made a quick visit to the uni. Gisho happened to get cut and one thing lead to another, ending up with them doing pretty unorthodox things with each other that none of them remembered the day after. Before this, they had talked to Toshiya who, as the evil plotting man he is, suggested they would make a nice couple and that they DID have a thing for each other. Toshiya noticed the two being rather bruised (especially Gisho) the day after and after trying to convince them about what they had done he decided to get them drunk again and then "happened" to cut Gisho with a broken bottle which caused Közi to jump him and Toshiya took some pictures which he showed them the day after.
So yes, lots of awkwardness between them as they meet in the café a few days later.
and well.. things that aren't supposed to happen does happen.

-no smut. ^^

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