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sorreh that this late..... [20 Dec 2005|10:53am]
On monday's class we went over the last project and the grades that everyone got on their project. I meet with indiviual students and went over what they could do to imporove their work, and agreed to meet with some after class. I had the rest of the class start working on their next project, but working on thumbnail sketches. Once they ghad a good concept I asked them to write me up a small paper, about what they wanted to do, to be reviewed next class.
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[20 Dec 2005|11:08pm]
[ mood | chipper ]

::Aoi and Kisaki::PG::None really::Tonight::

Summary:: Aoi finally meets one of his Room-mates. Some interesting things happen.

xD Fairly Short.

He was gay. A flagrant homosexual and as wild as they came.Collapse )

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