December 3rd, 2005

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~Secret Santa 2005~

As you know, Yoriyoi is holding a Christmas Festival! There were a few idea for celebrating and a "Secret Santa" was one of them. ♥ So I have decided to run it this year. I really hope everyone will be participating in this and that you all have a fun time!
Also be aware that the Talent Show is still in dire need for more entries! If not enough people sign up, it will not be held. There are good prizes people! So please put in an application! It will be fun~~

.:*Secret Santa*:.

What is a "Secret Santa?" A Secret Santa is an activity that many people join around Christmas time. People join up with friends and family. All names are put in and the person who runs it will give everyone a certain person to get a gift for. BUT SHHH!! It's a secret!

Price Range: So that everyone has the same value in a gift, there will be a price range. Please don't spend less than ¥2,500 or more than ¥3,000 on a gift.

Little Notes:
a. Once you get your partner, you CANNOT change them since I'm picking your partner specially.
b. You must wrap your gifts before you give them to your partner.
c. If you are gong away for the holiday, make sure you give the gift to your partner before you leave or MAIL it before the 25th.
d. All gifts should be giving on the 24th or 25th of December. It's all a secret so try to be creative when leaving the gift.

So Sign Up Now!!

Date you enrolled:

-If you don't want to hand out your email on the main board, then please catch me in the hall or in the West building, Room 3 and let me know personally. ♥
-If you want more than 1 partner, please put that in the Notes.

On the 14th of December, I will be emailing everyone their partner with information that they need. So if you'd like to join, please do so before then!

Happy Holidays and Have Fun!!
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I was suppose to post this a day or so ago...but forgot...;_;

Pairing: KohtaxYURA
Warning:None really...Sex Jokes and sappiness...Its 10 pages in word document
Summary: Their frst offical date as a couple. Really cute and sweet. Kohta preteneded to be scared of the movie, so YURA wouldnt feel bad about being scared. They then spent the rest of the night, lying in each others arms. Awww.....

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