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YoriYoi University -- Day [entries|friends|calendar]
Yoriyoi University

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[28 Nov 2005|04:35pm]
Characters:: Kohta +/x YURA-sama
Rating:: PG/PG-13 (I have no clue really which one..)
Warnings:: Playful Innuendos, Slight (or not so much) Sexual Tension, Possible length (but it's not 13 pages, yo.)
Summary:: Kohta, after a breif illness, can hardly wait to see YURA, his best freind, who feels the same way about spending time with the younger man. A bit of their playful jargon strikes some rather ... sensitive areas, and they wind up spending another sleepless night together.

Friends FirstCollapse )
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[28 Nov 2005|05:04pm]
mika - walking in these GLORIOUS DAYS says:
Miyavi says:
What? >>
mika - walking in these GLORIOUS DAYS says:
for what you've said in your entry
Miyavi says:
Whaaat? =x
mika - walking in these GLORIOUS DAYS says:
there's nothing between me and hyde
mika - walking in these GLORIOUS DAYS says:
don't make sakura worried
Miyavi says:
Na v.v it's not my fault if Hyde has a major crush on you, and you can't see it. Sakura-chan's my friend, and if something's going on, I should tell you.
mika - walking in these GLORIOUS DAYS says:
Hyde's with Sakura now, whatever feeling Hyde has for me, it's.. useless
mika - walking in these GLORIOUS DAYS says:
Don't make Sakura worried
Miyavi says:
Na, people cheat on people, Mika-chan. I should know v.v if I throw it into the open before it happens, then they can do something to make sure it doesn't.
mika - walking in these GLORIOUS DAYS says:
Don't worry, meev. I'm not gonna let anyone cheat their lover on me. I'm looking for someone who loves me only. Only ME. And someone who is with someone else definitely not on my list
Miyavi says:
I know...but I gotta do it for Sakura
mika - walking in these GLORIOUS DAYS says:
I'm not taking him from Gackt and I'm not gonna take him from Sakura
mika - walking in these GLORIOUS DAYS says:
And you're supposed to be on my side! We're romm mate! *pokes*
Miyavi says:
I know =x I know you won't let it happen. But what if he tries for someone else instead, then? It's better to get it out now.
mika - walking in these GLORIOUS DAYS says:
Why are you thinking so badly about hyde?
Miyavi says:
I'm not~! 'm just saying...
mika - walking in these GLORIOUS DAYS says:
Look, just don't think so bad okay? Sakura and Hyde are just starting their relationship, don't ruin it with whatever bad things you_think_is_going_to_happen.
mika - walking in these GLORIOUS DAYS says:
anyway, miyabimaru is a girl or a boy? =)
Miyavi says:
Boy =x
mika - walking in these GLORIOUS DAYS says:
Ok. I'll get a christmas present for him too. Anyway I have to go now. Talk to you again later *pets*
Miyavi says:
Okie <3 bai bai
mika - walking in these GLORIOUS DAYS says:
Bye~ Take care.

^ yeah umz. XD E-chan got on my case and chewed me out, so < 3; Miyavi hasn't been doing many interesting things lately, so I guess this'll do o.O has to be the longest conversation he's had in forever. (aka take pity on him and chat XD Pon-chan's been gone for a million billion years and he's sad.)
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¡La Primera Lección! [28 Nov 2005|05:46pm]
I think...no wait; I know it's safe to assume that you know the basics, so I should skip a review, correct? If you need a review lesson, let me know. Hopefully I won't have to go as far back as the days when you had to write one or two paragraph stories just to get your engine running. Rest assured, I will never have to go back to letters and numbers. *shudders*

One thing I'd really like to bring light to this year is the change of language use as time progressed. How each country changed at its own pace, the differences, the similarities, the origins, what is still used today, and such and such.

Now, I won’t be giving any "formal" teaching for this lesson, but rather an assignment! It will be a good reinforcement exercise to get your Spanish oriented minds revved up. Bring on the sea of "Awwww"s. It will be fun, so shut it!

The assignmentCollapse )

The whole thing in Spanish for authenticity purposes... or somethingCollapse )

La TareaCollapse )
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NOTICE!!!! [28 Nov 2005|06:27pm]
Shiina Ringo

Some of the newer students I can understand, but most new students have posted logs, so the only person I think this MIGHT change for is Jiro. (if it's okay with Kyo, anyway)

Hiroto, Miyavi, Tetsuya, and Shiina -- You all have been on here since pretty much the very begining, if not THE very begining. You remember when there weren't even thirteen people on the contact list, and have had more than enough time to get logs up. You guys will get the serious butt kicking.

Nao - You've got no excuse, as you've been here about the same amount of time as YURA, and he's got two logs.

hide -- I think Kyo may have forgotten that you're on hiatus untill January along with Zero, Mana, Juka and Kazuno, so I'll talk to her for you.

OoC: Can you tell I'm in a don't mess with me sort of mood? ^ ^;; GET YER LOGS IN!
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[28 Nov 2005|10:10pm]
Summary: Gackt and Kyo discuss Kyo's sexuality
Warnings: pointlessness of the highest order.

Kyo vs GacktCollapse )
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