November 21st, 2005

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I'm doing this now, so I won't forget later! XD

Welcome back to class everyone! I'm actually going to make this short and sweet since what I have planned requires mostly out of class work. Since Kyo is going over the basic priniciples of the human face as part of his class, I'm going to have you all work on landscapes in this class. Now for your first task I want you all to find a place on campus, and believe me...there are many wonderful places you can choose from. This will be the subject of your piece. I don't care how big your piece is, it can be 5 inches by 5 inches...or 5 feet by 5 feet. Whatever you feel really captures what your expressing. I then want you to go to the library and look up information on a style of art or an perticular artist, and this will your medium. (Painting, Grafic Design...ect.) Again, what you choose to do is up to you. I will be grading on the quality of your work, and how closely you were able to capture your choosen style. Since I will not see you again until next week I would like some sort of idea of what your doing by tomorrow, Wesnday at the latest. You can come and see me at my office, or send me an email. If you have questions let me know. You free to call me or again email me. Until then, your free to go! Oh! You have until finals to work on this since thats about all the time we have. Critic will be during finals week.

On a more personal note, things are looking some what better. After locking myself away to brood in the darkness of my office/dorm room I finally emerged to get some fresh air. I was luckily enough to meet Aya who seems like an wonderful person. And I look forward to our next chance to talk.
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stage fright!

Short Lesson

Well, I'm not sure that I will be present tomorrow, and since I only have one student, here is the lesson plan. u__u

Here's an article with important information on the advancement of Biomedical Engineering.
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And here are some simple terms I will hold you responsible for knowing.

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Short lesosn, yes, but they will get longer and more thorough as we move along. n__n
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