November 7th, 2005

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My Ken has not been active for a long time, and I've come to say, that he won't be. I seem to have lost interest in this RP, I'm sorry about that, but, I can't help it. So me and my pervy Ken will be dropping out. It was fun while I was active, I hope the rp goes well for the rest of you!

what is love?

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[...turns out Ruby (that being me!) and Gishomun are both horrible, horrible suckers for fluff. It's like heroin, bitches. So, yup. Fluff. And stuff. I think I quote Nietzsche at some point near the end. Maybe. XD Don't remember. Just trying to give credit where it's deserved.

D: If this doesn't make you coo, you're dead inside. :x they'resoverymuchinlove.]

WARNING: May cause tooth decay. D:Collapse )