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Yoriyoi University

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Aww. [Aug 31st, 06 ☆ 10:21am]

Is it just me or does it seem that when I'm gone for a couple weeks everyone dies? Aha! Well, it's sad to see all my close friends in the community leave and I'd rather not put my muse through that /again/ (bitches but I love you), I've decided to drop Toshiya. Holy shit, he's dropped! All your lives are over, don't even lie.

BUT. I still would like to keep in touch with Kiikaa, Anne, my Honeypie (you know who you are, schnookums), and Kyo-mun if she ever effin gets on again (because I love you!) And anybody else who wants to pop up and say hi feel free to contact me via AIM at SaikouHoraa. I love you guys, and it's sad that I won't be here for the community's year anniversary on October.

Don't forget that it was Kyo-Mun and I who started this shit! Lots of love and kisses for you all. < 3333
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[Aug 28th, 06 ☆ 9:23pm]

[ mood | sad ]

This community is slowly dying. I'm sad to see it go this way since it was my first Jrock rpg, but I'm going to have to close it.

That is, of course, unless someone is dying to see it stay opened and would like to take over. If you would, then tell me. Otherwise, I officially close this community as of three days from now [so that everyone has enough time to step up and take over if they'd like].

This by no means means that you guys have to stop RPing with each other ... please do. And if you create a new JRock community, then please contact some of us and spread the word.

Speaking of new Jroack rpgs, talk to Kii or Anne for the link for cellblock49, a prison like Jrock rpg. I will be playing Yoko there, so I hope to see some of you there.

Goodbye guys.

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OOC: Sorry [Aug 28th, 06 ☆ 5:27pm]

Well, here I go, my last drop. T-T
Kai's going.
I'm going to miss him. ♥ I love him so much.

Since all my muses have been dropped, this means I am completely leaving the rp again.
And this means that I no longer will be updating the claim list and so on.
If you want to take over these things, please let me know because if someone doesn't
this place will no longer be updated or organized

Again, if you want to stay in contact, my journal is _snafubar_. My FO is locked but go ahead and message me via my im. ♥
I also run http://ohfunkymusic.net so you can always reach me there. ♥

Love you guys.
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Dropping~ [Aug 27th, 06 ☆ 11:03pm]

Yes yes yes.

On teh way of droppign, people, here I go~

For many many many reasons (one of them that I've been being reeeally busy), i'll drop two of my four muses.

So yeah... makign the drop for:

Shou masterkingshou
Ryuutarou himitsucarnival

Since I'm going to use the muses' journals, please, take them off of your friends' list<333
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Dropping ne// [Aug 27th, 06 ☆ 7:32pm]

[ mood | content ]

Hey hey, babies<33333
So I'm dropping Meevers ne~
for personal issues and because his story around the uni was screwed..anyway!<3333 I'm not gonna held into a muse ne, I hope someone else gets him and makes him awsome ^^<333333333

Kissu kissu,

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